When it comes to crypto, a world often compared almost daily to gambling at the casino, it might be easy to overlook the sense of community that many in the space claim is part of why they stick around.

In this Coinage extra, we take a look a closer look at what community in crypto is all about by inserting ourselves into an event put on by one of crypto’s early NFT projects and one of the first to offer its holders real utility. The NFT game, Zed Run, lets users buy and breed digital horses to race at the digital track.

Here’s what it feels like to race and own a digital horse in the world of Zed Run.

Read more about what we learned about Zed Run and the power of NFT community: https://www.coinage.media/s1/is-crypto-more-than-gambling

Watch Coinage Episode 3 – Is Crypto More Than Gambling: https://youtu.be/19Mx-V7sA6M

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