In today’s episode of Desi Crypto Show, we are talking to Barthazian, an NFT Degen, collector and shitposters. Barthazian got into the NFT Space early and was started investing in NFT Gaming Projects and then made fortune with Avastars and Generative Art Projects and now is a full-time shitposter on Twitter.

We have a lot to take away for Investors, Collectors, and Artists out of this Podcast. A lot of alpha has been shared.


B21 TV Social :-

00:45 Introduction
00:46 Who is Barthazian?
09:26 When did you start liking the space?
09:40 In it for tech meme
11:12 First Profit?
12:45 Your first flip?
14:23 Coco Bear and other Whales in Crypto Space Commanders
15:20 Gaming Economy discussion & Play to Earn Economy
19:09 CSC (Crypto Space Commander) Exploits
21:33 Did CSC Crash? What did you do after this?
22:03 Pranksy Story and CSC
23:30 How Pransky changed the market
25:15 Nate Alex Chain Faces Story
26:06 Bits for AI
27:10 Why Generative Art?
28:37 Did you collect Physical Art?
29:22 Primal Cypher
29:49 Silvio Vieira
30:32 Projects to look out for (generative art)
39:45 Avastars & Whale Story
44:01 Crypto Voxels
47:00 Did you mint Bored Apes?
49:47 Market Too Big?
51:52 COLIN – Cost of Living Index
55:10 Artist and Pricing (collector base conversation)
58:00 Flexibility of COLIN
01:00:00 Collectors growing collectors
01:01:00 Beeple 1 Dollar Drop
01:04:15 Fluff
01:08:00 Euler Beats story and regret
01:11:43 Which do you regret not minting?
01:13:00 Recommendation for new people