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Welcome to Our NFTs To Buy Now Video!

Recruit, train and prepare your heroes for the biggest battle in the metaverse!

Explore the metaverse
Collect, fight… win!

Fully Decentralized, with ownership waiver, paused contract removal, the community is in control!

NFT’s Fully compatible with the ERC721 standard, being possible to be implemented in other NFT’s platforms.

There are thousands of possibilities for nfts, from common heroes to warrior heroes with unique attributes.

Play to Earn: WCHeroes is essencially a NFT PLAY TO EARN game, however there are many more new mechanisms to enhance performance and profitability ingame.

NFT is the acronym for non-fungible token, a blockchain asset which serves as a digital unique identity. The NFT secures the digital item autenticity and it’s rarity. In short, the asset ensures the possession of an exclusive item that no one else has.
In WCHeroes the NFT has some interesting meta data, ranging from rarity to attributes and visual data.

The hero performance is related to rarity, the hero with the most rarity can have better attributes and increased farming ability. Following is the rarity table.

NFT minting is the way to create new heroes. This system ensures that as long as new NFTs are created, the mint price gets automatically increased by a specific factor. The process is alghoritmic ensured using smart contracts.

Price inflation
When the price inflation reachs a point where it’s unviable to mint new NFT’s, the way you can obtain new ones would be through the MARKETPLACE. This model has the goal to bring the core of the game economy to the marketplace, taking the spot from the minting process and bringing to the community more transaction power.

The farm system is based on the UserRewardPool factor, it’s the amount of coin available for each active user in WCHeroes.

The RewardPool owns the total token amount that rewards the community, this pool gets replenished from the NFT mint process, the marketplace transaction fees, visual items selling fees and also from unblocked tokens released by the rest contract.

Mint exclusive NTFS!

Endless variations to make your hero unique!

Visual Options
Various equipment available. It is also possible to change your hero’s accessories and items, and attach to your NFT metadata.

Races System
Races define the hero’s story, races is an immutable attribute in the wcheroes metaverse.

Unique Customization
In addition to the effect attributes, the hero can have unique visual attributes, all heroes have a personal identity!


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