M1 MacBook Air Space Gray Unboxing + pink accessories aesthetic ! ~my first macbook~ !!

Macbook Accessories

I finally saved up enough money to replace my 9 year old laptop and I’m so happy with this purchase. It’s my first MacBook too and it was a reaaaaally long process before I decided to get one hahah I watch a lot of videos from @The Everyday Dad and other tech reviewers until I was finally convinced that this was worth my hard earned money. I’d also like to thank my friend Thomas for helping me get it at a discount! Unbox with me and see the pink accessories that I got for it. Below are the specs that I got for your reference.

13-inch MacBook Air Space Gray
Apple M1 chip with 8‑core CPU, 8‑core GPU, and 16‑core Neural Engine
16GB unified memory
512GB SSD storage

I’ll make a separate video on my transition from Windows to Mac OS and a quick review on the accessories 🙂

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MacBook Air M1 Chip Space Gray https://www.apple.com/macbook-air/

Blush Pink Laptop Mat https://invol.co/cl3gxnl

Grey-Pink Laptop Sleeve https://invol.co/cl3gxvc

Khaki Shell Case https://invol.co/cl3gxtv
*The case didn’t fit my Macbook properly even if I consulted with the seller before purchasing. I got a refund but I would advise that you ask the seller also before buying. Buy at your own risk!

6 in 1 USB Hub
Lazada https://invol.co/cl3gxot
Shopee https://invol.co/cl3gxrz

Logitech M350 Pebble Mouse
Lazada https://invol.co/cl3gxp8
Shopee https://invol.co/cl3gxr6

Logitech K380 Keyboard
Lazada https://invol.co/cl3gxpv
Shopee https://invol.co/cl3gxqw

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