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When I picked up my new M1 MacBook Pro, I knew I needed a USB Type-C Hub, it was just a matter of WHICH one to buy. There are tons of USB-C Hubs on Amazon, I wasn’t sure which one would actually work with the new Apple M1 chips running on Mac OS Big Sur.

LINK: https://amzn.to/3rw1Cn2
Alternative Option that has 4k60: https://amzn.to/2WZ6inH
**NOTE** I have not tested the 4k60 myself!

I wanted to run multiple HDMI Monitors as well as a Display Monitor. I also want something that was compact and was colored “space gray” so it matches my new Space Gray M1 MacBook Pro Laptop!

**THIS** Hub meets my needs! So far so good, it’s been charging my M1 MacBook Pro and providing USB 3.0 connectivity, 1GB LAN, 2xHDMI and 1xDisplayPort, SD/MicroSD card Reader, and more!

CON#1: When connecting everything to it, it looks like a spaghetti mess, because you have wires coming out of all 4 sides!
CON#2: It gets pretty WARM when you are using it to pass through power to charge the laptop.
CON#3: It does NOT offer 4k60, which if you care for this, they actually have another model, but that mode is blue in color and doesn’t match my Space Gray laptop…
CON#4: When connecting 3 Monitors, the max resolution is lowered to 1080P

PRO#1: Compact
PRO#2: Lightweight
PRO#3: Durable Construction (aluminum)
PRO#4: All the connectivity I need (your needs may be different than mines). I **WAS** able to run the HDMI Ports at 4k30fps, and the Display Port at 4k30fps. NOTE: But not all at once! That’s one of the CONS: it will drop down to 1080P.

With so many CONS, I’m tempted to give it a 4/5 Review… But the fact that it does what I need and it has been working well makes me believe that it still deserves a 5/5 Review although it is not perfect (see the CONS).

If I run into problems I will let you guys know!

Please let me know if this review HELPFUL and let me know if you have any questions!

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