[Amazonで買える]TORRAS クリスタルクリア iPhone 6.1ケース スリムフィット 超薄型 ソフトTPUラバー電話ケース クリスタルクリア

iPhone12 ケース

iPhone 12 Black Clear Case

After returning my Apple blue silicone case I wanted to get a nice and simple clear case for my black iphone 12. Something that wasn’t too thick and had a nice grip. As i’ve stated in a previous video, I wanted to get the Apple clear case but I can’t get past how ugly the white ring is for the magnets. After doing some research, I almost went for the Speck Gemshell clear case that also included a screen protector. But from the photographs online it looked quite thick.

So I hopped over to amazon and found this TORRAS Crystal Clear Case for £15. From the specifications and photographs it looked exactly like what I was after so I ordered it and it arrived the next day. I wasn’t expecting much from this case and I kinda thought i’d just be sending it back. But I was actually pleasantly surprised!

It arrived in this simple packaging with the words simple but unique. It’s not a hard plastic shell, but more of a soft tpu type case which actually feels quite nice. As you can see here, it’s got a bit of flex to it.

As soon as I put this case on, I immediately liked it. It felt slimmer and nicer to hold than the apple silicone case. You can actually feel the boxy shape of the iphone 12, something that the other case didn’t seem to have. It has a nice grippy feel to it and doesn’t slowly slide out of my hand. I think it looks really nice on this black iphone 12 as you can see the colour and the logo which is something I like.

So overall, if you’re like me and want a clear case without the white magnetic rings I can highly recommend this one. As long as you don’t mind this soft type of plastic, it’s thin, has a good grip, shows off the colour of the phone and is £35 cheaper than the apple one. Yes, you lose the magsafe element, but that’s not something i’m interested in right now anyway. It would be interesting to see if magsafe worked through this case though.

I’ve put a link in the description below if you want to check out the exact one I bought.

Thanks for watching.

Link to the TORRAS Crystal Clear Case
UK: https://amzn.to/3kZeSgf
USA: https://amzn.to/3mZWl4l