InVideo Tutorial: Everyday Experiments With InVideo: Ep. 3 (Epic Logo Reveal/Intro video)


In this new weekly series, we bring you raw design experiments straight from our creative team where they look to create the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

These tutorials will help you get a sense of the different ways you can push the envelope with InVideo’s editor and create amazing designs with ease, even if you’ve never edited videos before.

On our third episode, we leverage the masks that come built-in with the InVideo editor to create an epic Logo Reveal / Intro video. You can follow the steps below to recreate the same for your brand’s logo.

Steps involved:
0:37- Starting with a blank canvas
0:52- Uploading your images and music
1:29- How to set-up your project and add masks
4:33- Adding images to masks
5:33- Syncing the masks to music
7:18- Adding animations or masks
7:45- How to export and download your video

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