InVideo Tutorial | A Quick Review of How it Works 2020

Online Video Editor - Video Maker | InVideo
InVideo's Online Video Editor Helps You Make Professional Videos From Premium Templates, Images, And Music.

For this InVideo tutorial I’m going to assume that you have already signed up with InVideo and want to learn how to use it. If you haven’t done so, click here to follow along

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I am going to show you all the different InVideo windows you need to familiarize yourself with, and the different ways you can start a project in InVideo with examples of each method.

Choosing a subscription, setting up your brand presets and starting a project in the Storyboard window based on a script you have written, choosing a pre-made template and adapting it to your own purpose by replacing media and text animations.

Who This InVideo tutorial is for:
• Anyone who wants to learn all the functions of InVideo to create videos the easy way.
• Business owners who want to use video to market their brand.
• Marketing professionals who need a quick and easy solution.
• Advertisers who want their videos to have impact.
• Social Media enthusiasts who want to draw attention to their posts.
• Freelancers who want to create videos professional looking videos for their clients.

If you want to see more InVideo examples and learn all about the Invideo video editor, text animations, special effects and enhancers or how to add voice overs or music, different transitions between scenes and create end-screens to add to your YouTube videos and make them clickable, sign up for my full InVideo course here:

InVideo Review and Tutorials
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If you have not done so already you can sign up to InVideo here:
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