How to grow on Instagram 2021: 9 ideas to get you more followers


Ideas covered in the video:

0:00- Intro
0:30- 2 key tenets to remember for Instagram’s algorithm in 2021
1:22- Idea 1: Instagram trends
2:55- Idea 2: Video memes
3:10- Idea 3: How to videos
4:00- Idea 4: Tips and Tricks
4:20- Idea 5: Prompts
4:30- Idea 6: Challenges
4:54- Idea 7: Before and after
5:23- Idea 8: Checklist
5:50- Idea 9: Inspirational quotes

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Templates covered in the video:

(1) Top trending video ideas for Instagram Reels and TikTok that every business/brand can use in 2021:

5 Trending video ideas for any business (with templates)

(2) Video meme templates:

(3) How-to templates:

(4) Tips and tricks templates:

(5) Prompt templates:

(6) Challenge template:

(7) Before and After template:

(8) Checklist template:

(9) Quotes templates:


If you’ve been looking to grow your Instagram account, you would have heard a lot of advice on user research, posting consistently, using the right hashtags and so on.

However, the one thing that you don’t get a lot of actionable advise on are ideas that have been tried and tested and actually do work. Hence, in this video we bring you 9 Instagram content ideas that have been proven to get more followers in 2021.

Not just that but we also show you how you can bring these ideas to life in minutes even if you’ve never edited a video before using ready-to-use templates on


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