Hi everyone! In this video I play a game against deception that really did not do any face damage to me for the whole game. This was actually the first game that I play against deception that the opponent does not touch me at all. This video marks a couple of milestones also and is the video to choose a winner for the giveaway. It seems people want more the Finnian % Dagan pair so we will go for it!! The prize winner will be selected randomly from the comments of this video as done on the previous giveaways too. Is double celebration on this one. The channel is on 500+ subs and I finally made it back to Mythic with my Magic deck!!! I hope you all enjoy the video. Thanks to leave a like if you do. Cheers!!!!

The Deck: https://gudecks.com/decks/GU_1_4_BEXBHMKAgKApKApKAqKAqKDlKDmKDpKDqLAELAECANCANCAlCAlCBjCBmCEkCEvCFrCFrIBDIBDIBSIBmIBpIBsIBs?godPowers=100127&creator=AbbathGR&userId=3973&archetype=Control%20Magic

Hit my up on Discord if you want to play some games against me, ask some advice regarding the game or if you want help with video editing and thumbnails creation. AbbathGR#9550

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