Forgot Apple Watch Passcode? 2 Methods [2021] – Without iPhone or With iPhone, Say Try Again

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Forgot Apple Watch Passcode by Reset Apple Watch Passcode using Two Method, Reset Apple Watch Without iPhone and Using iPhone. Erase all Data from Apple Watch and Passcode as well without iPhone. fix forgot apple watch lock screen passcode or your Apple watch saying try again in few minutes because of the wrong passcode attempt. Fix Solution by Reset Apple Watch Series 6 Model, Reset Apple Watch Series 5 Model, Reset Apple Watch Series 4 Model, Reset Apple Watch Series 3 Model..Without iPhone and From iPhone Watch app.

00:00 intro
00:20 Reset or Forgot Apple Watch Passcode Without iPhone
01:03 Reset or Forgot Apple Watch Passcode from iPhone
01:22 Continue using Without iPhone
01:50 Setup After Forgot Passcode on Apple watch
03:11 Outro

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Video Transcript:-

Get back your apple watch normal in just a few minutes. Using two alternate methods.

The very first method is without a paired iPhone. During This Process, your apple watch must be in charge.

here my apple watch is charging. Now, Try to Turn off your apple watch using the Side button only.

Press and Hold on the side button, Until you see the turn-off slider appears on the screen.

Now, Press and Hold on the Digital Crown button until you see Erase all content and settings step with Erase button.

here’s confirm Reset button with the message Are you sure you want to continue? All Media, Data, and Settings will be erased. This Cannot be undone.

Tap on Erase button to Start Erasing Apple Watch Process.

But, here I am showing alternate methods to Erase apple watch using Paired iPhone.

On your iPhone, Open the Watch app and Under my watch Tab.

Find General option,

Now, scroll to the Option Reset, And the First option is to Erase Apple Watch content and settings.

Again, See the Confirm that this option will delete all media and data, and Reset all settings on your apple watch. So, that’s the second method.

But I like to erase the apple watch without the iPhone method.

Just tap on Erase button and Start the process itself.

Now, your Apple Watch will take a backup first on your iPhone then erase.

and This Apple Watch backup I will do restore in the next time pairing process.

The Erase apple watch process will take few minutes.

Once you see Bring iPhone near to Apple Watch. Your Apple Watch is Erased and Your Passcode as well.

Now, Keep your iPhone near to apple watch and your iPhone will see a popup to pair your apple watch with the continue button.

Go with Setup for Myself if it’s really otherwise here is an option for setup for others like your Family Members.

Now, Scan your apple watch Face with your Phone’s camera using my watch app.

Now, Apple Watch is Verified and Showing two options. Install new Update or Skip now.

and Go with Skip Update and Continue for a quick setup.

But I want a fresh new setup, so Click on Setup as New Apple Watch Option.

Here’s your apple watch Backup, select that if you want to restore. as I discussed earlier in this video.

Another option is set up in New Apple Watch.

Select apple watch for a left or right hand, I am going with the left hand.

Go with on-screen instructions, and Re-Enter your Apple ID and Passcode that’s signed in with earlier. Becuase activation is lock enabled.

Once you enter the correct Apple ID details, Click on next and your apple watch automatically completes the setup.

Now next step is the apple watch syncing process. Next, press the Digital Crown button to Use the apple watch.

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