Ethereum is also being used in virtual reality and gaming. In-game objects, collectible trading cards, and other decentralised forms of gameplay have opened up a new world of online gaming thanks to the use of Ethereum smart contracts.

The Ethereum blockchain is used by the virtual world Decentraland to safeguard the goods that are present there. The blockchain is used to tokenize real estate, wearables, surroundings, and avatars in order to generate ownership.

The Canadian company Dapper Labs created the Ethereum blockchain game CryptoKitties, which lets users buy, collect, breed, and sell virtual cats. It is one of the earliest initiatives to use blockchain technology for leisure and entertainment.

In order to allow early non-fungible tokens to upgrade to the movement properties of future versions of the digital art, the CryptoKitties platform uses a digital cartoon image that is enabled with backwards compatible animation technology.

Another blockchain-based game is Axie Infinity, which has its own money called Smooth Love Potion (SLP) that is utilised for in-game awards and transactions.

Players of Axie Infinity collect and mint NFTs which represent axolotl-inspired digital pets known as Axies. Within the game, players can breed these animals and engage in combat with one another. When players trade Axies on the Sky Mavis marketplace, they are charged a fee of 4.25%.

It is only a matter of time before blockchain games take the gaming world by storm. There are 398 active blockchain games with at least one active wallet, according to a recent research.