Broadside breaks new ground in decentralized storytelling: The drop of 7,290 Avatars entitles each holder to mint 11 additional NFT chapters of the story of their character (all of which is already written)

The IP rights model leverages both cc0 and full commercial rights in a novel way: We’ve acquired to commercial rights to use Cryptopunk #5046 in the Broadside collection, as well as leveraging cc0 and artist relationships to include works from XCOPY, Eclectic Method, Moonbirds, Nouns, GoblinTown, Cryptoadz, OSF Rektguy and others.

The team behind it is seasoned and committed to building new models for creators and has deep experience in the cryptoart / web3 spacs, as well as in music, content and storytelling.

An in-world pirate radio station from the story is broadcasting on Twitter, fast becoming one of the most engaged with Spaces in the NFT community. –