CRYPTOWARS – Episode I : Part 1: DeepOnion – A New Crypto A New Hope

………. It is a period of crypto war. DeepOnion air-drops, have deployed from their hidden Rebel Alliance bases and with the TOR NETWORK won their first victories against the evil Fudder Empire.

During the battle, Obi-Dev DeepOnion, YOHDL, Leek Skywalker and including vast numbers of members managed to defeat DAFT FUDDER and his minions including their ultimate weapon, the DUMP STAR, an unarmoured Noob without enough power to understand a free airdrop.

Even though pursued by DAFT FUDDER and his sinister agents, promising DeepOnion races onwards and is the only hope to save the people of EARTH and restore freedom to the entire galaxy….

A 21st Century Dev – A DEEPONIONFILMS Production

Created by Cryptomaster in association with

*Airdrop rules have been updated since this video first published