Have you ever thought about having fun with friends on a Tibia 8.6 custom server, and still earning money💲? That’s what Cryptowars will provide you! 🤩

With blockchain technology we created a fully scalable gameFi NFT farm together with our otserver, making everyone who earned our currency! 💎

We have a differentiated Marketplace, game players need to buy items that only players on the other server have, which is the same for Tibia players, thus creating a profitable trade for the sides of the coin! 💎

Discover some of our features:
⭐ Customized OTCV8 client for our server.
⭐ Global Mal updated with 12x maps.
⭐ Low fees, because a server that you can make money on, can’t be easy to play, can it?
⭐ Updated mounts and add-ons, version 12x.
⭐ Very NFT item reward system for server EXP players and more!

See more information in our whitepaper link in bio!

And don’t forget to participate in our grand prize pool where you can win up to 75 $BUSD, in total there will be 40 winners 🎁

⬇️ To participate is very simple, just follow all the steps described in the Airdrop link in our Bio, enjoy and follow us on other neighboring networks!

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