Building Creator Tools | Sanket Shah (CEO, InVideo)


Sanket is the CEO of InVideo, an online content creation tool. Sanket shah is also a serial entrepreneur and has co-founded other startups like MassBlurb and Visify Books. In this episode he spoke about going from Idea to product to company, building creator tools and the nuances of building an online creator tool and more!

Key Highlights:
00:00 Introduction
01:08 Lessons from starting multiple companies
02:21 Mistakes in hiring
04:44 Hiring people outside your domain
06:21 What skills don’t necessarily translate to success
10:49 Going from Idea to product to company
15:18 What changes with Experience
18:31 Getting to PMF and scaling further
20:33 Thoughts about the Creator economy
22:56 Nuances of Building an online creator tool
26:00 InVideo’s Primary Use Cases
27:17 Building and engaging a community
28:57 Building creator tools
31:47 Challenges with video editing online
33:08 Learnings about Monetization
35:25 High Level Challenges as a founder
41:08 InVideo’s future plans


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