741Hz 》GOOD NIGHT SLEEP MUSIC 》Full Body Detox 》Cleanse Aura

Good Sleep Misic

》Full Body Detox Cleanse
》Good Night Sleep Music
》Spiritual Detox & Aura Cleanse

How to do a Full Body Detox Cleanse at home?

FOOD: Say No to Caffeine, Sugar, Starch, processed food, alcohol, and dairy. and start eating organic veggies and fruits, seeds, herbal tea, lemon juice, and leafy veggies.

ENVIRONMENT: Create an environment which is toxins free, clutter free and full of positive energy. Be it home or office. Our surroundings have a lot of effect on our bodies, if not same as the food we put into it. Fresh plants and flowers, gentle pure positive music, lots of natural light, the clean and clutter-free environment will help a lot in your detox journey

TIME: Like everything in nature, give it time. But do things consistently and with discipline. It is more important to do fewer things and do it consistently over time. Do not expect overnight results. Any 2-3-4 day detox can only help momentarily, its the long term commitment to create a healthy and toxin-free environment for yourself and family that will help. Making conscious and healthy choices daily that will help. Developing a healthy routine will help

SLEEP: Sleep is your own body’s repair mechanism. Everything is mentioned above is to support and help your own body to expel these toxins and help it in its own function, so that it can repair and cleanse itself in a better way. Make sure that your sleeping area is cozy, comfortable, clutter-free, and do a little breathing exercise before going to sleep. Do not eat too much just before sleep.

We hope this music will help in your detox. 741Hz Solfeggio Frequency is known for its benefits to detox the body and mind. Please play the music at low volume on the speakers. Headphones are not recommended while you are sleeping and also not recommended for full body sound healing purpose.

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