24/7 Study With Me with Quiet Study Music

Study Music

The time has finally come 🎉 Bookmark this video! 🔖

This is the first-ever 24/7 Study With Me Stream with Quiet Focus Music. At every hour the 45min on/15min break Pomodoro timer starts.

All the music used in this video is muted and high frequencies are eliminated to get rid of any distracting sounds. This modified music playlist works wonders for even those who don’t typically study with music.

The playlist is well over 28 hours long and more music will be added as time goes on, you will rarely listen to the same music over and over.

The video is a compilation of all the beautiful sunsets and sunrises that were captured over the past year 🙂

Join the best study community out there! COVID prevented us all from studying together, there always will be people on this chat studying together. 🙂

✨My Study Space Set-Up for 2021✨
[✌️Link to my amazon affiliate links, none are sponsored✌️]

🖥️ Monitor
Dell 27″ 4K Monitor (Rated Best for Office Use) = https://geni.us/POOqO
– If you are buying this, you need a 4k 60Hz HDMI Cable = https://geni.us/l9OXzh
LG 29” Ultrawide 1080p monitor = https://geni.us/BmgoP
Monitor Riser = https://geni.us/c02A0K

🗒️Skillshare Free 14 day code:

💨 Diffuser
Zoe Stadler = https://geni.us/dG2yd
VItruvi Diffuser = https://geni.us/oWKwOr
Saje Diffuser (Canada) = https://geni.us/FjwD

🎧 AirPods Pro
Apple AirPods Pro = https://geni.us/CgGOpZ

📚 Best Books of 2020
Where the Crawdad’s sing = https://geni.us/YUQWnS
Recursion = https://geni.us/DzD1
Transcendent Kingdom = https://geni.us/D8vL6L
Home Going = https://geni.us/wLxXDtj
Atomic Habits = https://geni.us/V1XpA0

LED Light Strip = https://geni.us/f46X
RGB Light Bulb = https://geni.us/hb5i
Aukey Table Lamp = https://geni.us/WNQOMn6

⌨️ Keyboard & Trackpad & Mouse
Royal Kludge RK61 = https://geni.us/0MEYvS
Magic Keyboard = https://geni.us/mSX7
Magic Trackpad 2 = https://geni.us/ebhvW6C
Blue Tooth Mouse = https://geni.us/n9raga

RENPHO Foot Massager = https://geni.us/wt5ZPC
Naipo Back Massager = https://geni.us/b05F
Psoas Muscle = https://geni.us/E3XRkLx

🔊 Speaker
Tribit xSounds Surf bluetooth speaker= https://geni.us/7zSO

🖊️ Accessories
USB adapter = https://geni.us/rkVbbGU
4TB storage Seatgate = https://geni.us/uvYwlNA
Cross Pen = https://geni.us/SoIWnA
NTONPOWER Cable Organizer = https://geni.us/JBOFycU
Laptop Stand = https://geni.us/nC3Oii
Apple Pencil 2nd gen = ttps://geni.us/3aCiH0
iPad Magic Keyboard = https://geni.us/rPXF
iPad clear screen [rotector = https://geni.us/XjVB
iPhone 12 mini screen protector = https://geni.us/bflQ
Razer Mouse pad = https://geni.us/yuMKyl8

💻 Laptop
MacBook Air M1 2020 =https://www.apple.com/us-hed/shop

📔 Desk
Ikea Skogsta = https://geni.us/SYm1H
Ikea Markus Chair

👨‍⚕️Who am I?
Hello, my name is Jimmy and I’m an incoming cardiac surgery resident in Canada.

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🎶 Where do I get music for my videos?
Epidemic Sounds https://www.epidemicsound.com/

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