#1 Secret to creating Facebook video ads that people want to watch in 2021


In this video we take you through the #1 hack to creating video ads that convert in 2021- to create ads that don’t look like ads in the first place but rather resemble organic feed posts on the newsfeed. We will show you examples of these ads done right as well as show you how you can access 1000+ free video ad templates that can be completely customised for your brand or business.

Here’s everything you’ll learn:

0:00- The #1 secret to creating Facebook ads that convert
0:57- Testimonial ads
1:50- Fast-paced slideshow ads
2:48- Text-on-screen story ads
3:42- Ads where you talk to your customer directly
5:20- Pattern disrupt ads
6:35- How to find more ideas and references for video ads from other brands in your niche
7:05- How to create these ads within minutes using InVideo’s free online video editor and templates

Access 1000+ free Facebook ads templates: https://invideo.io/
Link to find video ads by other brands on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ads/library/
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